Toward Wholeness Podcast

Freedom from Addiction: Interview with Steven Ginsburg

July 25, 2021

Alcohol, overeating, pornography, drug abuse—how can one break free from the strongholds of addiction? Join host Richard Dahlstrom and his guest, Steven Ginsburg, as they discuss Steven's incredible road to recovery from alcoholism, to now dedicating his life to helping others break free from addiction.

Steven has been in and around recovery and sobriety since 1988. He coaches business leaders, educators, and families to healthier habits and rewarding results. He is currently the founding principal owner and C.E.O. at Restore Detox Center, a 24-hour treatment facility in southern California, that provides detoxification services and residential treatment for people seeking to restore their lives.

Since his recovery, he also founded CurePro and serves as a personal coach and aftercare specialist helping addicts turn their lives around. Additionally, you purchase Steven's new book Filling the Void on his website.

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