Toward Wholeness Podcast

Report from Ukraine: Wholeness in Wartime with Nick Sweeney

March 29, 2022

Join Richard Dahlstrom for a special interview with Nick Sweeney, Director at Kyiv Christian Academy in Ukraine. Nick gives offers insight into what it means to seek wholeness amidst wartime as the world directs their attention and prayers toward Ukraine and Russia.

Mr. Sweeney is an experienced educator and school leader who has worked as a teacher and at all levels of school administration and leadership. Before Nick’s recent service as a consultant for Providence Global Academy, he served as Superintendent of Gateway Christian Schools (Washington). Prior to GCS, he was the Superintendent of Arrowhead Christian Academy and Redlands Christian School (California). Nick has been connected with and ministered in Ukraine for many years, coordinating a missionary endeavor from 1993 through 2017. 

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