Toward Wholeness Podcast

Second Chances: Interview with Amy King

October 16, 2020

What does it look like to build your life and business around second chances, restoration, and reintegration? Join host Richard Dahlstrom as he interviews business owner and non-profit founder Amy King. Amy is the owner and CEO of Pallet, a Seattle based Social Purpose Corporation striving to improve people's lives while also being a successful and profitable company. They are second-chance friendly; hiring and investing in people actively engaged in recovery and reintegration. She and her husband, Brady King, also started Square Peg Development in 2014 which led them to hire previously incarcerated individuals. As they heard the stories and struggles of their employees, they became passionate about removing barriers to re-entry and sought to provide an opportunity for more individuals in transition. In 2016, they founded Weld Seattle, a non-profit corporation geared toward removing barriers to employment, housing and supportive community for individuals actively engaged in re-entry. Amy has a degree in Psychology and spent most of her career in Healthcare Administration, with a focus on managing large surgical practices. This business experience prepared her for the opportunity of owning and operating her current companies while fulfilling her dream of working for a company that is both people focused and profitable.

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